Feeling Tired At The End of the Day

There is something satisfying about feeling physically tired at the end of the day. Those of us who do not have manual jobs do not feel this way on a daily basis. I am sure that there are many people who, like me, spend quite a lot of time working online, who do not feelContinue reading “Feeling Tired At The End of the Day”

Thinking About Interior Design

Tonight I have been spending some time thinking about interior design. As a permaculture designer, I usually think more about gardens – most of my creative energy goes into outside spaces. But since we have been working on our barn conversion, I have been thinking more about the inside of what will be our foreverContinue reading “Thinking About Interior Design”

Planned Reuse on Our Barn Conversion Project

Since we are working on a barn conversion, we are living in the midst of rather a lot of reclaimed material. This means that things in our yard look rather a mess at the moment. But we definitely have plans to reuse as many of the old materials as possible. Above you can see someContinue reading “Planned Reuse on Our Barn Conversion Project”

The Benefits of Clay Plaster

In our steading/ barn conversion, we are aiming to use materials and finishes that are as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. One step we are taking to make a healthy and sustainable build is using clay plaster. In finishing one wall prior to the arrival of our Rayburn (delivery has been delayed but it isContinue reading “The Benefits of Clay Plaster”

How We’ll Heat Our Eco Barn Renovation

While we’re both still working full time, my husband and I are working on the renovation of an old steading, or old stone barn. We’re doing most of the work ourselves – slowly – on weekends and the occasional evening. Today, I thought I would take a moment to explain how we’ll heat our newContinue reading “How We’ll Heat Our Eco Barn Renovation”