Painting Walls With Clay Paints

Today we’ve had another tiring but very satisfying day painting the walls in the upstairs of our barn conversion. We did the first coat in what will be out bedroom yesterday, and finished that off today, and we also got the first coat on walls we are painting in the bathroom, and the second bedroomContinue reading “Painting Walls With Clay Paints”

Barn Conversion Decisions

We’ve pretty much finished laying the reclaimed flooring in the upstairs of our barn conversion. And this weekend was a time for some crucial decisions. For years now, we have slowly been slogging away – largely on things that will not actually be seen once the build is finished. So far, our decisions have largelyContinue reading “Barn Conversion Decisions”

Reclaimed Flooring Going Down in Our Barn Conversion

This weekend, as well as doing some garden jobs and having some rest time too, we have been continuing to put down the reclaimed flooring we purchased for the upstairs of our steading conversion or barn conversion project. We are really happy with the character and appearance of these boards, and think that they willContinue reading “Reclaimed Flooring Going Down in Our Barn Conversion”

Clay Paints in Our Barn Conversion

No progress has been made this week on our barn conversion since, as I mentioned before, I am away for a few days. But we are almost finished with the clay plastering upstairs now and will soon be ordering the paint. We are using clay paints for this. The clay paints will create a mattContinue reading “Clay Paints in Our Barn Conversion”

Turning On A Tap

Today we were able to turn on a tap in the bathroom in the barn conversion for the first time, since my husband finished installing the fittings and connecting the bath waste. So we have running water in there for the first time in this self-build conversion. There is not yet any hot water, sinceContinue reading “Turning On A Tap”

Progress on Our Barn Conversion

I have been in the barn again all day today – from 7.00am to 4.30 pm when I came in to make our dinner, with just a brief break for lunch. So I am sure you will excuse me for not writing a longer post today. As you may be aware if you have readContinue reading “Progress on Our Barn Conversion”

Long But Rewarding Day

We’ve only just come in after a very long day working on our barn conversion – making the most of the time we have while I am off work to make progress with tiling in the bathroom. It’s a tricky job – especially as in an old building – nothing is straight! There are noContinue reading “Long But Rewarding Day”

Why I Like Imperfection in My Home

Today I have been working on clay plastering in what will be our bedroom in the barn conversion. There is still a little finishing off to do, clearly visible in the image above, and of course as it is not yet dry it looks rather patchy still. But we are definitely not going for aContinue reading “Why I Like Imperfection in My Home”

Sustainable Living: How to Find the Time

One of the reasons that people often give for not living in a more sustainable way is that they just don’t have the time. But I have definitely discovered over the past few years that thinking just a little differently can mean that you can ‘find’ more time for sustainable projects and tasks than youContinue reading “Sustainable Living: How to Find the Time”

Barn Conversion – Getting a Cast Iron Bath Upstairs

Today has been an eventful day on our barn conversion project. This morning I was working on the top clay plaster layer in what will be the bathroom. And this afternoon we hit rather a big milestone – getting our big cast iron bath upstairs. We had to think carefully about how this was toContinue reading “Barn Conversion – Getting a Cast Iron Bath Upstairs”