Clay Paints in Our Barn Conversion

No progress has been made this week on our barn conversion since, as I mentioned before, I am away for a few days. But we are almost finished with the clay plastering upstairs now and will soon be ordering the paint. We are using clay paints for this.

The clay paints will create a matt finish, and seal the walls in a natural way without introducing harmful ingredients or reducing breathability within the stone structure. They are virtually VOC free, and highly breathable. They minimise condensation and help regulate moisture and temperature along with the plaster and the substrate of wood wool boards.

We’ve been looking at the Earthborn range (available here in the UK), and there are plenty of beautiful colours to choose from. I am someone who loves colour and we’re having some fun deciding on which colours to choose.

Those interested in the aesthetics might be interested to hear that so far we have decided on a sunny yellow for the upstairs landing (to the north), and some lovely greens for our bedroom. I hope these will complement the wood tones of windowsills and reclaimed flooring in these spaces. I look forward to sharing more pictures with you as we process the works over the next few months.

One thought on “Clay Paints in Our Barn Conversion

  1. Lovely colours Elizabeth! We are just about to do some paining in our own place, but unfortunately, it’s already been painted before with some kind of acrylic, so I doubt we could use the clay paints :(. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures you post!


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