Clay Paints in Our Barn Conversion

No progress has been made this week on our barn conversion since, as I mentioned before, I am away for a few days. But we are almost finished with the clay plastering upstairs now and will soon be ordering the paint. We are using clay paints for this. The clay paints will create a mattContinue reading “Clay Paints in Our Barn Conversion”

Why I Like Imperfection in My Home

Today I have been working on clay plastering in what will be our bedroom in the barn conversion. There is still a little finishing off to do, clearly visible in the image above, and of course as it is not yet dry it looks rather patchy still. But we are definitely not going for aContinue reading “Why I Like Imperfection in My Home”

The Benefits of Clay Plaster

In our steading/ barn conversion, we are aiming to use materials and finishes that are as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. One step we are taking to make a healthy and sustainable build is using clay plaster. In finishing one wall prior to the arrival of our Rayburn (delivery has been delayed but it isContinue reading “The Benefits of Clay Plaster”