Thinking Global, Considering Regional, Acting Local

Apologies for the hiatus – I have been a little slow to post recently on this site because I have been extremely busy. I have been working on a range of projects, writing, and have, of course, also been busy here on my own property, both with the never-ending string of spring sowing and growingContinue reading “Thinking Global, Considering Regional, Acting Local”

Our Individual Choices Can Perpetuate Problems or Work Towards Good

It is easy to feel helpless in today’s world – shifted by political tides, our changing climate, and other factors which can sometimes feel beyond our control. But while, often, we may struggle to see how we can truly change things for the better, it is always so important to remember that as individuals, weContinue reading “Our Individual Choices Can Perpetuate Problems or Work Towards Good”

Land Ownership and Land Access

As a designer, I usually work with those who have been fortunate enough to purchase land. But I also work with communities and groups who are overcoming the challenges of access to land and providing what essentially becomes common land for the benefit of all. This is something I feel very passionate about. Land ownershipContinue reading “Land Ownership and Land Access”

Case Study: Cape Town, South Africa Permaculture Design

This is a quick overall concept plan I have created for a small suburban property of c. 495 sq m (mostly built on) in Cape Town, South Africa. Of course, this does not include all the planting detail, but serves to show the overall intention and as a point for feedback and discussion before moreContinue reading “Case Study: Cape Town, South Africa Permaculture Design”

Getting Back to the Roots

I recently wrote a brief article for Treehugger: Why We Should Think About Roots. In this piece, I look a quick look at why it is so important to delve deeper, both when thinking about gardens and garden design, and when trying to live a sustainable life in general. We can learn a lot fromContinue reading “Getting Back to the Roots”

Rewilding On A Range of Scales

When we talk about rewilding, we are often talking about doing so on a landscape scale – over broad areas. Large scale conservation, ecosystem restoration and rewildling are certainly important. But it is also important to consider smaller scale rewilding schemes on individual properties, and even in individual gardens. I’ve had a very busy startContinue reading “Rewilding On A Range of Scales”

Become a More Sustainable Gardener in 2022

As a garden designer, I have been heartened to see so many people embracing sustainable organic gardening over the past couple of years. But even those who set out with the best intentions could still do more to make sure they are doing the right thing for people and planet in their gardens. Here areContinue reading “Become a More Sustainable Gardener in 2022”

Happy New Year!

Hello all! I hope everyone is enjoying a good start to 2022. I am now back at work and refreshed after a break. We had a sustainable Christmas at home with family and then a few days away up north staying in a remote cottage in Assynt, further up north here in Scotland, to getContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Merry Christmas!

I am going to be finishing up with some projects over the next couple of days, and will then be off work between the 24th and the 3rd as we enjoy spending time with guests, relaxing, and spending time in the garden and on our barn conversion project, with a few days away in aContinue reading “Merry Christmas!”

In For Christmas (More or Less)

Well, it has been a busy weekend, but we have now managed to set up our bedroom ready to sleep there for the first time! We’ve been working on our renovations for years – mostly doing the work ourselves – on weekends and when we can around our full time jobs. We are still farContinue reading “In For Christmas (More or Less)”