Are Your Financial Dealings Helping or Hindering Climate Efforts?

When you think about living in a more sustainable way, you are likely to begin by looking at those things that are closest to home – food production, energy, recycling. You’ll likely look at how you get around, and, of course, at what you choose to buy (or to avoid buying). Often, however, people tryingContinue reading “Are Your Financial Dealings Helping or Hindering Climate Efforts?”

Why a Slow Cooker is Great for Sustainable Living

I’m just finishing up work after a busy day and I am reminded once more just how useful my slow cooker is for sustainable living. Some days, when I have been flat out at work (like today) I really don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal. But as we all know, cooking fresh, local orContinue reading “Why a Slow Cooker is Great for Sustainable Living”

Sustainable Halloween: Prepare to Prevent Pumpkin Waste

Many love to carve pumpkins and squash for Halloween, and we are no exception. But in trying to live a sustainable life, it is important to avoid food waste whenever we can. We should make sure we use as much of the pumpkins and squash for food as we can before we carve them. AndContinue reading “Sustainable Halloween: Prepare to Prevent Pumpkin Waste”

Choosing Sustainable Flooring For Your Home

Throughout much of our barn conversion we plan to install reclaimed timber flooring. Today, I thought I would briefly write about how you might go about choosing sustainable flooring for your home. First of all, reuse is something to consider. Choosing reclaimed materials rather than buying new can often be a sustainable choice. This isContinue reading “Choosing Sustainable Flooring For Your Home”

Our Experience In Our Barn Renovation So Far

Reclaiming and restoring old agricultural or industrial buildings can reduce the need for new materials, and provide sustainable places to live. Rescuing old buildings that are no longer utilised for their original purpose can sometimes be a green option. I would certainly suggest that it is a great option to look into – though itContinue reading “Our Experience In Our Barn Renovation So Far”

Identifying Future Potential in Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is entering a period of massive disruption – whether farmers like it or not. There is an urgent need for reform within the farming sector and mitigation and adaptation are both crucial not just for farmer’s profits, but for the future of us all. This may be an extremely worrying time for many farmersContinue reading “Identifying Future Potential in Sustainable Agriculture”

Sustainability in Communities

Building a stronger sense of community is crucial for the transition to a more sustainable way of life. In the past, everyone belonged to strong local communities – everyone knew one another and it was normal to know all your neighbours. Few of us are lucky enough to be in the same position today. ThoughContinue reading “Sustainability in Communities”

Avoiding Extractive Industry as a Gardener

One key thing for those who want to live a more sustainable way of life is moving from an extractive to a regenerative mindset. We need to think about using and valuing renewable resources rather than continuing to take and take finite resources. Even gardeners who try to avoid an extractive mindset in their gardensContinue reading “Avoiding Extractive Industry as a Gardener”

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a day celebrating the native peoples of America, has been recognised by the federal government in the US, and this is a day to recognise their contribution and, crucially, to listen to what they have to say as we transition to a more sustainable future. But as well as celebrating, we shouldContinue reading “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”

Our Dumfries and Galloway Trip

We’ve just got back from our wonderful few days away in south western Scotland, in Galloway Forest Park and the surrounding area. We were staying here: And here are a few pictures of highlights of the trip, as we walked, relaxed and, on the last night, enjoyed a campfire under the stars.