Passive Solar Design – Protecting Plants in Winter

Passive solar design is an important strategy in designing an undercover growing area, as well as a home. It can help you create an area where you can successfully grow crops all year round. A greenhouse can dramatically extend the length of your growing season. It can also make it possible for you to growContinue reading “Passive Solar Design – Protecting Plants in Winter”

Preparing For Winter Growing

We’ve already previously discussed the idea that growing your own is something you can do year-round. No matter where you live, with the right strategies, you can grow at least a little food all year round. So to help you prepare for winter growing, here are a few tips: Keep Sowing It is not tooContinue reading “Preparing For Winter Growing”

Renewable Energy – Using Solar Energy is Not All About PV Panels

One day, you might be thinking, you’ll have the money to invest in photo-voltaic solar panels for your home. Many people want to start generating electricity renewably at home. But of course, this can be expensive. While you save up for this sustainable solution, it is worthwhile remembering that making the most of solar energyContinue reading “Renewable Energy – Using Solar Energy is Not All About PV Panels”