Preparing For Winter Growing

Polytunnel growing

We’ve already previously discussed the idea that growing your own is something you can do year-round. No matter where you live, with the right strategies, you can grow at least a little food all year round. So to help you prepare for winter growing, here are a few tips:

Keep Sowing

It is not too late, in many climates, to sow hardy leafy greens to enjoy over the winter months and through to spring. You may still have time to get in a quick lettuce crop or similar before the first frosts in your area. You can also think about sowing things like green manure crops, overwintering peas and broad beans (Fava beans) in the next month or so. Then, later in autumn, you may be able to plant garlic and onion sets for winter too.

Keep Growing

To keep your garden growing strong into autumn and beyond, it is a good idea to think about:

  • Adding cloches or row covers.
  • Creating/ buying a polytunnel or greenhouse.
  • Thinking about adding thermal mass to growing areas (and about other elements of passive solar design.
  • Adding mulches of straw or other insulating materials to protect plant roots.
  • Creating hot beds to gain gentle bottom heat from decomposing materials.
  • Adding insulation around outdoors plant pots and containers.
  • Adding sustainable heating systems to undercover growing areas.
  • Integrating chickens or other livestock with a polytunnel/ greenhouse system. (They can add their heat to an adjoining crop growing area.)

These are just a few of the thing you could consider when preparing your garden for the months ahead. Remember, even in the coldest climate zones, you could still grow food indoors all winter long – especially with the aid of LED grow lights to tackle the problem of low light levels.

Do you need help to transition to the winter in your garden? Please do get in touch.

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