Case Study: Water-Wise California Garden

Water-wise gardening is crucial wherever you live. But is especially important, of course, in regions where water-shortage is a particularly pressing issue. This concept design for a garden in California shows that xeriscaping – or water-wise planting – does not always have to involve vast expanses of paving and gravel and spiky cacti and succulents.Continue reading “Case Study: Water-Wise California Garden”

Case Study: India Permaculture Syntropic Agroforestry

This case study is an initial concept plan for a design I am currently working on in India’s Tamil Nadu region. The goal for this design is to create a syntropic food forest or agroforestry system on this site. To facilitate creation and water management, the main portion of the planting zone will be laidContinue reading “Case Study: India Permaculture Syntropic Agroforestry”

Case Study: Maryland Permaculture

This design shows the expansion of existing vegetable growing areas and productive spaces into the existing lawn of a Maryland property. It has been developed with reference to the location and site, and the client’s requirements, using permaculture design methods. Located in the Coastal Plain region, almost entirely dependent on groundwater for its water supply,Continue reading “Case Study: Maryland Permaculture”

Case Study: Sloping Garden Design

This is a design for a sloping back garden in northern England. The site slopes steeply down from north to south, from the back of the home to the lower end. There is around 2.2m difference in elevation between the highest point outside the back door, to the lowest point close to the end ofContinue reading “Case Study: Sloping Garden Design”

Case Study: Intentional Community

This concept design is for a planned intentional permaculture community set in farmland and woodland in Idaho, covering around 10 acres at the heart of a site of around 25 acres. The idea behind the design is to create a community of around 25-50 people living in a sustainable way and collaborating to grow foodContinue reading “Case Study: Intentional Community”

Earth Day Inspiration

What should you do to celebrate Earth Day, invest in our planet and take action? There are, of course, a great many things that you can do – and not just on Earth Day. Remember, caring for people and planet should be something we all do year-round. But Earth Day is an opportunity to hitContinue reading “Earth Day Inspiration”

Case Study: Mediterranean Permaculture Concept Plan

This site of around 2 acres is located in the Provence region of France, in the Mediterranean climate zone. It enjoys a long growing season ideally suited to the cultivation of a range of plants and crops. The primary challenges are heat and aridity in the summer months, so shade creation, and good water managementContinue reading “Case Study: Mediterranean Permaculture Concept Plan”

Fruit Tree Guild Planting Dos and Don’ts

Planting fruit trees can be a wonderful idea in many gardens. But whenever you consider planting a fruit tree, there are of course a wide range of things to think about. Creating a fruit tree guild is one of those things. Of course, you need to think about the environmental conditions and where you live.Continue reading “Fruit Tree Guild Planting Dos and Don’ts”

Thinking Global, Considering Regional, Acting Local

Apologies for the hiatus – I have been a little slow to post recently on this site because I have been extremely busy. I have been working on a range of projects, writing, and have, of course, also been busy here on my own property, both with the never-ending string of spring sowing and growingContinue reading “Thinking Global, Considering Regional, Acting Local”

Case Study: Mississippi Permaculture Concept Plan

This is my concept design for a site of around 3 acres in Mississippi. The design aims to maximise food production while also providing for the needs of those who live on site and providing attractive and useful family space. The design is, of course, tailored to the client, the site, and the local conditions,Continue reading “Case Study: Mississippi Permaculture Concept Plan”