Renewable Energy – Using Solar Energy is Not All About PV Panels

Catch and store sunlight in plants – convert solar energy into human fuel!

One day, you might be thinking, you’ll have the money to invest in photo-voltaic solar panels for your home. Many people want to start generating electricity renewably at home. But of course, this can be expensive. While you save up for this sustainable solution, it is worthwhile remembering that making the most of solar energy is not all about PV panels.

Other Ways to Make the Most of Solar Energy

Perhaps the most obvious way to make the most of solar energy is to grow plenty of plants – the more the better. Convert solar energy into food to fuel you and your household!

Another interesting thing to consider is how you can use solar energy to cook the food that you grow. With a few simple household items, you can make a rudimentary solar dehydrator to dry fruits and vegetables and herbs.

Solar energy can also be used to cook. Why not experiment and make your own simple solar oven? This could be an intriguing alternative to a barbecue this summer season.

You could also consider using solar power to heat water outdoors. In warmer climes, you might even be able to make your own solar water heater for an outdoors shower.

To maximise efficient use of solar heat energy in your home, or in a greenhouse or polytunnel, think carefully about passive solar design. Use light and shade to your advantage, and add plenty of thermal mass (stone, brick, clay etc..) to catch and store the sun’s energy during the day and release it slowly when temperatures fall. (Adding thermal mass won’t just help heat a growing area in winter, it will also help regulate temperatures during the summer months.)

Are you making the most of the energy our sun provides? You don’t need to spend a fortune to catch and store energy in your home and garden.

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