Appreciating Natural Beauty is Key To Sustainability

Over this difficult period, I have been spending plenty of time in my garden. And though there has been plenty of hard work – there has also been plenty of relaxation. Whether it is in your own garden, or at a local park or beauty spot, taking some to appreciate natural beauty is key. I honestly believe that appreciating natural beauty is essential before anyone can move to a more sustainable way of life.

If you are new to sustainability, and thinking about these things for the first time, just taking time for simple observation is a good place to begin. The more we take the time to understand and value nature, the easier it is learn to live in harmony with it.

Take, for example, what a tree can teach us. Patience might be top of the list. But we can learn a wide variety of things from trees that can help us in our everyday lives. Trees protect other trees around them. They effectively communicate with other trees, other plants and even animals. And they collaborate – working together to catch and store energy. Trees have even been known to continue to feed nutrients to a genetic descendant that has died or been chopped down. Trees remember. They are different. But key to living more sustainably is making sure we understand that different does not mean somehow lesser.

The more you observe nature, the more connected you will perceive everything to be. In the way we live our lives, there is often a disconnect. But by living in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way, we can plumb back in and begin to live more connected and ethical lives.

One common problem in the modern world is that we tend to be plant blind. Greenery, for many people, becomes no more than a backdrop. By looking – really looking – we can take the first steps towards recognising and appreciating all life on this planet.

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