Avoiding a ‘When and If’ Mentality in Sustainability

“When we can afford our homestead then we’ll….” ” If work slows down then I can…” “When I have more time it will be possible to…” When and if can be useful – it is important to dream about and plan for the future. But a ‘when and if’ mentality can sometimes become a roadblockContinue reading “Avoiding a ‘When and If’ Mentality in Sustainability”

Appreciating Natural Beauty is Key To Sustainability

Over this difficult period, I have been spending plenty of time in my garden. And though there has been plenty of hard work – there has also been plenty of relaxation. Whether it is in your own garden, or at a local park or beauty spot, taking some to appreciate natural beauty is key. IContinue reading “Appreciating Natural Beauty is Key To Sustainability”

Sustainable Work – Make Money Sustainably From Home

Many of us are re-thinking the way we work right now. As someone who worked from home for years, I understand how challenging it can sometimes be. But I know how rewarding it can be too. Sustainable work from home can be great – in a range of different ways. I enjoy the freedom ofContinue reading “Sustainable Work – Make Money Sustainably From Home”