Reassess Work/Life Balance for 2021

As many of us will shortly be taking a break over the festive season, I thought this would be a good time to talk briefly about work/life balance. Many people share the sense that work, worry about work, or pondering the future when it comes to our careers can be rather too consuming. It isContinue reading “Reassess Work/Life Balance for 2021”

How a Garden Building Can Help You Live More Sustainably

In thinking about garden design, it is not always all about the plants. There are times when we may wish to add some kind of garden building to help us to live in a more sustainable way. A garden building constructed from reclaimed or sustainable materials can be a great choice in many gardens. HereContinue reading “How a Garden Building Can Help You Live More Sustainably”

Back to ‘Business as Usual’?

As many people are being told to get back to work, it is important that we don’t just rush headlong into our old lives. We need to pause, reflect, and think about what ‘business as usual’ means. What was wrong with our former ways of life? And what might we be able to change forContinue reading “Back to ‘Business as Usual’?”

Retrofitting Suburbia For a Sustainable Future

Suburbia, in some ways, exemplifies much that is wrong with modern society and the way many people live their lives. It was designed around the car – not around people or the environment. Suburbs can often be sterile seas of little boxes, manicured lawns, driveways, garages and roads. But here and there, oases are appearingContinue reading “Retrofitting Suburbia For a Sustainable Future”

Sustainable Work – Make Money Sustainably From Home

Many of us are re-thinking the way we work right now. As someone who worked from home for years, I understand how challenging it can sometimes be. But I know how rewarding it can be too. Sustainable work from home can be great – in a range of different ways. I enjoy the freedom ofContinue reading “Sustainable Work – Make Money Sustainably From Home”