How a Garden Building Can Help You Live More Sustainably

In thinking about garden design, it is not always all about the plants. There are times when we may wish to add some kind of garden building to help us to live in a more sustainable way. A garden building constructed from reclaimed or sustainable materials can be a great choice in many gardens. Here are just some of the ways that such a structure in your garden might allow you to live more sustainably:

Using a Garden Building for Sustainable Food Production

A greenhouse, or even an orangery type building in your garden can be a good way to increase the potential for sustainable food production. In cooler climates, an undercover growing are can help you to grow food not just over the summer months, but potentially all year round. Of course, such a structure could also increase the range of crops that can be grown in your climate.

Using a Garden Building for Sustainable Work

From a simple garden shed to a more elaborate building, a garden building could also be a home office. Working from home could be a good way to withdraw your support from damaging systems, and make a living in a more sustainable way. Having a dedicated place to do so, away from the hustle and bustle inside your home, could make that a lot easier.

Using a Garden Building To Make Do and Mend

A garden building could also be a workshop, where you can upcycle, repair and craft your own objects from things that might otherwise have been thrown away. This space could make it easier for you to move closer to a zero waste lifestyle.

Using a Garden Building To Hone Sustainable Skills

A workshop or studio in a garden building could also be a place to hone sustainable skills, which will stand you in good stead as you move towards a better future. In addition to gardening and up cycling, gaining other age-old skills can also be very helpful. Woodworking, soap making and basketry are just a few examples…

Using a Garden Building as a Co-Housing Solution

In certain areas, a garden building might even become (with the requisite permissions of course) an annex or additional housing space. It might allow you to co-house with family members, for example, which can bring a range of benefits to all involved.

We should always be careful about adding to our built environment. But as you can see from the above – there can be good reasons to do so.

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