Painting Walls With Clay Paints

Using clay paint in our barn conversion.

Today we’ve had another tiring but very satisfying day painting the walls in the upstairs of our barn conversion. We did the first coat in what will be out bedroom yesterday, and finished that off today, and we also got the first coat on walls we are painting in the bathroom, and the second bedroom which will also be my husband’s space to work from home.

Using Earthborn Claypaint for the first time has been an excellent experience. This is not an advertisement, only my own experience. But I would highly recommend these as an eco-friendly paint choice. I am very happy about the breathability these paints offer, and the fact that these paints are virtually VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free.

I don’t know if any of you have suffered before when painting a room in your home. I have really disliked in the past helping people paint with paints which have a strong and overpowering smell. So it was delightful not to have to worry about smells (or the associated health impacts of course) when using these paints. Also lovely to read only a very short list of ingredients on the side of each can.

The paint went on very easily, and I love the colours. I’m definitely looking forward to getting on with the job and finishing off the upstairs painting next weekend.

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