Our Experience In Our Barn Renovation So Far

Reclaiming and restoring old agricultural or industrial buildings can reduce the need for new materials, and provide sustainable places to live. Rescuing old buildings that are no longer utilised for their original purpose can sometimes be a green option. I would certainly suggest that it is a great option to look into – though itContinue reading “Our Experience In Our Barn Renovation So Far”

Progress on Our Barn Conversion

I have been in the barn again all day today – from 7.00am to 4.30 pm when I came in to make our dinner, with just a brief break for lunch. So I am sure you will excuse me for not writing a longer post today. As you may be aware if you have readContinue reading “Progress on Our Barn Conversion”

Proving the Benefit of Insulation

We’ve had a busy day today working on our barn conversion. We’ve been working inside the upstairs portion, starting to install some ceilings, and the insulation above them. It has been a lesson in just how much difference some insulation in a roof can really make. We’ve been adding ‘Cosy Wool’ sheep’s wool insulation inContinue reading “Proving the Benefit of Insulation”

Thinking About Interior Design

Tonight I have been spending some time thinking about interior design. As a permaculture designer, I usually think more about gardens – most of my creative energy goes into outside spaces. But since we have been working on our barn conversion, I have been thinking more about the inside of what will be our foreverContinue reading “Thinking About Interior Design”