Proving the Benefit of Insulation

We’ve had a busy day today working on our barn conversion. We’ve been working inside the upstairs portion, starting to install some ceilings, and the insulation above them. It has been a lesson in just how much difference some insulation in a roof can really make.

We’ve been adding ‘Cosy Wool’ sheep’s wool insulation in the loft cavity above the ceilings in what will be our bedroom and bathroom. The difference was remarkable. Of course, we all know the theory – we all know that adding insulation will make a space cooler in warm weather, and warmer in the winter months. But there is something a bit different about actually feeling the difference for yourself.

Before we added the three layers of sheep’s wool insulation, it was getting really rather warm working in the rooms down below. But after adding the insulation, it was much more comfortable working below.

Heading up into the little loft space at the top was like heading into the tropics – so much warmer without the insulation to protect us from the sun beating down on the slate roof. We’re glad to be getting the insulation in place before the summer arrives and things heat up even more. And glad that before too much longer, we can avoid (for the most part) going up into the stifling space at the top of the apex of the roof!

There is still more of the job to be done. But this is one more step in the right direction. And one good thing about this job is that it is pleasant to work with this sustainable insulating material.

3 thoughts on “Proving the Benefit of Insulation

    1. Hello, I know it is not as common there as it is here in Europe. But here are a couple of links:, – I’m afraid I do not know anything about these beyond having vaguely heard of them. But perhaps there is potential there – or maybe there are other small companies setting up in the US? I’ve also heard of other innovative solutions like insulation from recycled denim jeans that might be worth looking into?


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