Thinking About Interior Design

Tonight I have been spending some time thinking about interior design. As a permaculture designer, I usually think more about gardens – most of my creative energy goes into outside spaces. But since we have been working on our barn conversion, I have been thinking more about the inside of what will be our forever home.

The image above is a simple sketch I drew to help my husband visualise what I was thinking about for our bathroom. We’re not there just yet, but the walls and basic structural elements will be in soon, and then it will be time to think about the fit and finish.

This is by no means meant to be a professional image – it was a dashed off ‘mood board’ type design. But I thought perhaps someone might be interested to see what I have been thinking about. With the skylight above, in the roof, this should be a fairly bright space. As you can see – I could not resist getting some plants in here too!

The towel rail radiator will be made from leftover plumbing pipes. We don’t even have a bath just yet, but because of the sloping ceiling, there will be a tiled shelf area behind it. We’ll have a glass screen rather than a shower curtain for functionality.

Walls are going to be clay on wood wool board (excepting the tiled areas), with natural clay paint. Floors are to be reclaimed floorboards.

Anyway, perhaps you might enjoy my musings, and perhaps one day I will be able to show everyone what the finished room actually looks like.

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