Case Study: Glamping Site

This permaculture design details planting and layout for a glamping site in Angus, Scotland. The site slopes gently down from the road towards a burn on the south east boundary of the site. Four camping cabins are planned, which will overlook the burn and neighbouring farm fields. 

As you can see from the plan above, the concept involves creating more private zones around each cabin, with an ecologically friendly planting scheme to the north west of these more private zones which will allow for a more public zone for strolling/ dog walking/ recreation for guests, boost biodiversity and shield the site from the road to the north west. 

Though the primary goal of the site is not food production (which mostly takes place in another part of the property), this plan does include the addition of fruit trees and forest garden guilds along the main access route, and bee hives for honey production. A mixed hedgerow and shrub planting will also provide additional yields, while plenty of native perennials will create a lush, beautiful and abundant feel on the site. 

I have suggested creating a wilder and largely un-mowed meadow towards the southern end of the site, where a small wildlife pond and bee hives will be located, and a more regularly mowed meadow to towards the north that will be tough enough to withstand dogs, and ball games. This area will also have an area with paths mowed to create a ‘maze’ or artistic impression. At the heart of the site, a couple of picnic areas will be created for guests to enjoy. 

At the far north of the site, there will be further wilder meadow, where septic systems (still to be decided) will be positioned, and where there might also eventually be a children’s play area. 

Access to the cabins will be by means of a path (I suggested hoggin) which is water permeable yet flat and offers good accessibility. Access to the northern side of the site will be by means of a path mowed between the planting zones. 

Details of planting etc. were provided to the client along with this concept plan. If you would like help with the landscaping for your campsite or glamping location, please do get in touch.

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