Upcycled Furniture For Our Barn Conversion

Yesterday I spent some time sanding back an old chest of drawers for our new bedroom in the barn conversion or steading conversion that we are working on.

This was already second hand when a good friend passed it on to us when we were in need of something to put clothes in a number of years ago. It has been in use for years. But was a bit too dark for my taste and a little tatty and worn.

Rather than buying a new chest of drawers for our new bedroom, I decided to upcycle this old piece.

I sanding back all the old dark varnish and got rid of the areas of staining to leave it as a rustic but simple piece of furniture. I still have to clean it up as it is still rather dusty, and I plan to finish it off with beeswax – but I am rather happy with the way it has worked out.

We are still working hard on the conversion project. There is still a lot to do, but we have decided to move in bit by bit. At the moment, we are living in the main house adjoining the barn.

Before Christmas (fingers crossed – next weekend) we will be moving our bedroom furniture into the barn, which will be our forever home. It will be rather basic to begin with, but will give us a psychological boost, so we are quite excited about it.

We’ll still be using our living room, and the shared kitchen in the existing house for the time being. But it will be a big step to finally sleep in the space we’ve been working on for a number of years as we continue with the renovations with the downstairs spaces – the kitchen and pantry, and the double height space that will be our main living room.

2 thoughts on “Upcycled Furniture For Our Barn Conversion

  1. Just read your article on edible screens elsewhere. Thank you, a few plants I would have missed! Before waxing or oiling and after sanding try applying a mixture of 1 part malt vinegar, 1 part methylated spirit, 1 part linseed oil to your recently sanded furniture to bring it back to life. Apply it with fine wire wool. Remember to keep it away from direct heat and out of sunlight when you have finally finished to stop it warping or being bleached. Good luck and Happy Christmas!

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