Case Study – Slope Retention & Landslip Repair

This is a case study which involved the repair of a roadside slope on the edge of a property in Taiwan. On the edge of an existing fruit plantation where an agroforestry approach is newly being taken, there is this slope of 15-17% (approximately 25 x 90m) leading down to a local road.

In this tropical monsoon region, water saturation on slope can easily lead to landslips. At the centre of the site, a small landslip has occurred and the client wishes to plant the slope for stabilisation so that access via the local roadway can be maintained.

This planting scheme is designed to stabilise the soil at all horizons, while creating a reasonably attractive view from the road. In addition, a vegetated swale along the roadway is designed to avoid issues with flooding during the rainy season.

This scheme is designed with reference, also, to other water management strategies across the larger site, so if you are interested in exploring the solutions in more depth, please do feel free to get in touch.

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