Reclaimed Flooring Going Down in Our Barn Conversion

Characterful reclaimed floorboards in what will be our bedroom.

This weekend, as well as doing some garden jobs and having some rest time too, we have been continuing to put down the reclaimed flooring we purchased for the upstairs of our steading conversion or barn conversion project.

We are really happy with the character and appearance of these boards, and think that they will look really lovely when we have lightly sanded and waxed them. It does take some work to clean off the boards – but we think that for aesthetic as well as environmental reasons, reclaimed floorboards are the best choice.

An earlier picture – the landing, leading to our bedroom at the end. With openings on right (from front) to second bedroom, cupboard, and bathroom.

After the disappointments, if not surprises, of the COP26 conference over the last couple of weeks – it is a good feeling to be seeing our home continue to slowly come together.

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