Case Study: Chateau Permaculture

This is a concept design for a chateau in France, which is currently in the process of renovation. The new owners are saving the partially derelict buildings, and will be utilising the land for weddings and events, a glamping site, and a sustainable food production and restaurant business, and wanted some help to visualise the possibilities for the site.

This is a long-term vision. The first stage will be restoring the former walled kitchen garden, renovating overgrown formal rose gardens, and sorting out the water systems. The chateau’s water supply is a spring at the head of a small gorge. This is fed to existing water supplies for the building. Formerly, a moat ringed the structure. Some portions of this have been filled in, but some portions will be reinstated to make a canal and pond area.

The next stage involves the renovation of existing terraces, and the planting of forest garden tree rows, and the establishment of agroforestry systems for chickens, ducks and geese. The lowest terraces will also be used to grow heritage grains.

Once food production is in full swing, and the restaurant is up and running, the third stage will involve the restoration of the native woodland and the scaling up of other businesses on the property.

It will likely be many years before all these plans come to fruition. But ultimately, the chateau should be restored to its former purpose, and find new purpose in a sustainable and eco-conscious way over the years to come.

If you are interested in a concept plan for your own sustainable business, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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