In For Christmas (More or Less)

Excited to sleep in our new bedroom in our barn conversion for the first time tonight!

Well, it has been a busy weekend, but we have now managed to set up our bedroom ready to sleep there for the first time! We’ve been working on our renovations for years – mostly doing the work ourselves – on weekends and when we can around our full time jobs.

We are still far from finished downstairs, but we are approaching the finish line with the two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. Lights and sockets are in and commissioned, and the rooms actually look like rooms! So we decided to move out of the main house and into the adjoining barn in time for Christmas. It gives us a bit of a boost and feels good to finally move in (even if there are still some details to finish).

Please excuse the picture. I didn’t get the chance to take any better ones before it got dark. As you can see from the picture, we’re still waiting for our skirting boards and architrave to be delivered. (We hope they will arrive within the next couple of days.) But after so long, it will be great to finally sleep in our barn conversion!

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