Opt Out of Christmas Excess – Take a DIY Approach

It might be tempting to over-buy at any time, but the temptation can be particularly strong for some around the holidays – especially where it comes to food. While many may buy mince pies, Christmas cakes, cookies and other treats in abundance from the supermarket shelves, those trying to live in a more sustainable way can take a DIY approach, making their own sweet treats for the festive period.

Over the next few days, before my husband’s mother and sister arrive for Christmas, I plan on doing a bit of baking so we have plenty of sweet treats to indulge in over the Christmas holidays.

I plan on making a batch of mince pies, using dried fruit minced meat mix (a vegetarian kind) combined with some of our canned apple butter from earlier in the year.

I also plan, before Christmas, to make a chocolate Yule log, and perhaps some biscuits (cookies) too.

I’m not an expert baker by any means. But taking a DIY approach and taking at least some of the Christmas treats into your own hands can show people that you care, and reduce your reliance on non-sustainable systems.

With the right attitude, indulging yourself and your loved ones a little need not cost the earth.

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