Zero Waste Christmas Dinner

You may well have already bought in the food you need for your Christmas dinner and other meals over the festive period. Zero waste begins with what you choose to buy in the first place. But it does not end there. As you enjoy the holiday period with your family, I hope that everyone willContinue reading “Zero Waste Christmas Dinner”

Choose the Right Candles This Christmas

Many of us like to bring a festive spirit to our homes over the festive period. Candles are an age-old way to bright light to the dark evenings. They are great to create a cosy ambiance inside, especially, I feel, at this time of year. But whether you are lighting candles in your own home,Continue reading “Choose the Right Candles This Christmas”

Sustainable Christmas Trees?

Following on from my previous article, it’s time to take a look at Christmas trees from a sustainability perspective. Should you get a Christmas tree and, if so, which is the most sustainable type? Should you get a real tree or an artificial one? The truth is, unfortunately, that both artificial and cut Christmas treesContinue reading “Sustainable Christmas Trees?”