Reduce Food Waste – Make Full Use of Leftovers

I hope that those of my friends in the US celebrating Thanksgiving (or enjoying a meal with family or friends) are enjoying the holiday. But thinking about your celebrations, I was minded to write today about the importance of making full use of leftovers in order to prevent food waste. Food waste is, as manyContinue reading “Reduce Food Waste – Make Full Use of Leftovers”

Sustainable Halloween: Prepare to Prevent Pumpkin Waste

Many love to carve pumpkins and squash for Halloween, and we are no exception. But in trying to live a sustainable life, it is important to avoid food waste whenever we can. We should make sure we use as much of the pumpkins and squash for food as we can before we carve them. AndContinue reading “Sustainable Halloween: Prepare to Prevent Pumpkin Waste”

Gleaning – A Sustainable Solution for Tackling Food Waste

As I enter the fruit harvesting season in my own garden, with many apples and plums ripening on the trees, I thought this would be a good time to talk about the issue of food waste. I always aim to make the most of all the produce I grow. But every year, an abundance ofContinue reading “Gleaning – A Sustainable Solution for Tackling Food Waste”

The Parts of Common Vegetable Garden Crops People Don’t Know They Can Eat

Are you accidentally composting parts of common vegetable crops from your garden that you could be eating? There are many plants which offer secondary yields – and other parts of a plant beyond the main harvested parts can often also become a part of your home grown diet. Some parts of common vegetable garden cropsContinue reading “The Parts of Common Vegetable Garden Crops People Don’t Know They Can Eat”

Using Leftovers and Preventing Food Waste

Food waste should be a major concern for anyone who wants to live a more sustainable way of life. Huge amounts of food are wasted across the developed world, much of that food at household level. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to reduce food waste at home – from considering what and whereContinue reading “Using Leftovers and Preventing Food Waste”

Zero Waste Christmas Dinner

You may well have already bought in the food you need for your Christmas dinner and other meals over the festive period. Zero waste begins with what you choose to buy in the first place. But it does not end there. As you enjoy the holiday period with your family, I hope that everyone willContinue reading “Zero Waste Christmas Dinner”

Food Waste – A Major Issue We Can All Help Solve

When it comes to the waste that leaves our homes, plastic waste is obviously one of the key issues. But another very important area to consider is food waste. You might be shocked to learn that around a 1/3 of all the food produced on our planet is lost or goes to waste. This amountsContinue reading “Food Waste – A Major Issue We Can All Help Solve”

Tips to Help You Reduce Food Waste

When people start looking into how to live a zero waste lifestyle – reducing plastic waste is often the first thing they think about. But you might overlook another type of waste that can pose a huge problem for people and the planet: food waste. Food waste, if it were a country, would be theContinue reading “Tips to Help You Reduce Food Waste”

Why Every Home Should Have a Pantry

You are no doubt aware that what we choose to eat has a profound effect on how eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable our lives can be. Whether you are growing your own, buying local, seasonal, organic produce, or a combination of both, your choices are important. But it is important to remember that what happens toContinue reading “Why Every Home Should Have a Pantry”

Zero Waste – What It Really Means

The first introduction to zero waste that most people get is the idea of reducing plastic use, and reducing the amount of plastic waste that we bring into our homes. Reducing non-biodegradable waste is, of course, very important. But it is important to remember that plastic waste is not the only type of waste weContinue reading “Zero Waste – What It Really Means”