The Parts of Common Vegetable Garden Crops People Don’t Know They Can Eat

Leave a radish in the ground for a delicious and abundant crop of radish pods.

Are you accidentally composting parts of common vegetable crops from your garden that you could be eating? There are many plants which offer secondary yields – and other parts of a plant beyond the main harvested parts can often also become a part of your home grown diet.

Some parts of common vegetable garden crops that people don’t know they can eat include:

  • The outer leaves from Calabrese broccoli, cauliflower etc..
  • Squash, courgette/zucchini and pumpkin leaves (and excess male flowers once pollination has taken place.)
  • The growing tips from Fava beans (cooked). These are often removed to focus the plants on forming pods, and to reduce blackfly problems.
  • Pea shoots and pea flowers (in addition to the pods of mange tout/ sugarsnap, and podded peas).
  • Radish leaves, radish flowers and radish pods (an abundant crop if you leave a radish or two in the ground to flower).
  • Carrot greens (great as a pot herb).
  • Beetroot/ beet leaves
  • Onion/ garlic/chive greens, scapes and flowers.

If you are trying to make the most of your garden, especially if you are growing in a more limited space, it makes sense to make the most of all the food the fruits and vegetables you grow can provide. Reduce food waste and make the most of additional yields.

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