Important Sustainability No-Nos For New Gardeners

Using peat – one sustainable garden no-no.

New gardeners should set out on the right foot, and make sure that their gardening practices are as sustainable as possible from the outset. To make sure you are not making one of the common mistakes, here are things you should not do if you want to garden in a sustainable way:

  • Don’t use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on your plot. Always garden organically and use integrated and holistic methods of pest control.
  • Don’t use peat in your garden. Peat bogs are important carbon sinks and when we use peat in our gardens we are contributing to their destruction. Choose peat-free composts, or, better yet, make use of natural materials from your garden or your local area for fertility and filling pots.
  • Try to avoid buying and using plastic pots whenever possible. There are plenty of different options to consider. And the right practices can make it easier to avoid plastic pots in a range of situations. (If you already have plastic pots, however, keep them in use for as long as possible.)
  • Don’t buy nylon twine. Use natural twine rather than plastic options whenever you can. The same goes for other plastic items for your garden.
  • Don’t spend a fortune on materials or tools. Often, new gardeners rush out to buy things they think they need. But often, the resources you need can be found in your garden, sourced for free in the local area, or sourced second hand. You may not need to buy much that is new at all. Remember, everything we buy comes at a cost – and not just a financial one.

I can help you create a sustainable garden. If you would like a design, or simply have some questions, please do get in touch. I can offer full sustainable garden designs, or garden consultancy for £20 an hour.

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