Creating an Artist’s Garden

Monet’s Garden at Giverny is one famous example of an artist’s garden.

A garden can obviously be highly aesthetically pleasing and still be useful and productive. I always work to make sure that I consider aesthetics in all my designs. But in one recent project (which I will share as a case study tomorrow), aesthetics were particularly important. This project was a garden for an artist – for whom visual appeal was a key concern.

But while aesthetics are obviously vital, visual appeal is not the only thing that can make a garden an artist’s garden. It is important for a creative individual to take in inspiration through all the senses. And while an inspiring natural environment can be sensory delight, in gardens we can play around with and enhance the environment to delight the senses even more.

It is also important to consider that an artist’s garden should not only be a space which inspires them through an engagement of all the senses. It can also be a space which facilitates their artistry – and even one which provides them with natural resources that they can use in following their creative pursuits.

Plants and soils in an artist’s garden can provide many things which can be valuable for an artistic and creative life. For example, they can provide natural pigments and dyes, fibres and natural brushes and wooden spatulas. Trees and shrubs provide woody materials for many creative craft projects. And of course dried flowers, foliage etc. can also be used in a range of different ways to make art.

The garden, of course, can also itself become an artwork for an artist, as it comes into being and evolves over time.

If you are a creative person, the perfect garden can be inspiring, and provide you with many tangible things you need.

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