Christmas Crackers

Have you thought about Christmas crackers, where they come from and what they really cost?

One thing I really dislike about Christmas are the cheap Christmas crackers that people buy which are made from plastic-coated papers, nylon ribbons and other non-recyclable elements, and which come with tacky plastic gifts, paper hats and cheesy jokes inside.

Many people love to have Christmas crackers on their Christmas tables, and for many, Christmas requires this tradition. They were a part of my family Christmas growing up.

But if you are trying to have a more sustainable Christmas this year – many commercial crackers should definitely be avoided. Though there are some more conscientious options to buy – these do seem to be few and far between.

We don’t have crackers at all these days. But in previous years, I decided not to buy crackers, but to make my own. I used cardboard tubes to make the centres, coating these with nicely decorated recycled paper wrappers, tied with red wool, and bought a pack of cracker strips to make the noise when they were pulled.

Inside, I included a small personalised gift for each person – a small piece of home-made jewellery, some seeds, a small recycled paper notepad etc… They were not difficult to make, and the little personal gifts made the whole thing a lot more heartfelt.

So if you usually buy crackers for Christmas, be sure to look more closely at what you actually buy, what it is made from, and what they really cost – at least consider taking a little time to make your own. This is just one more small tip for a sustainable Christmas this year.

If you have a Christmas related sustainability problem to solve, or want some tips for a more sustainable option for something you enjoy, please do get in touch. I’d be glad to help you put together a sustainability plan for the holiday season this year.

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