Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Though it may be too early to think about Christmas or other mid-winter festivals just yet, my mind turns in November to what I might give to friends and family. The reason that I often start to think about this in November is that I usually make gifts. Of course, planning and making gifts takes time. But homemade and handmade gifts are often very much appreciated.

In previous years I’ve made a range of different things – often things which don’t cost a lot – often using things from my garden, and/or things that would otherwise be thrown away.

  • I have given people plants or seeds from my garden.
  • I have made lots of edible gifts – from jams and chutneys and other preserves, to elderberry wine and infused spirits, from cakes and biscuits or cookies or sweets or flavoured chocolates, to dried herb or tea blends.
  • I have also made other natural gifts – including lip balms, bath bombs, and scrubs using herbs and flowers that I have grown. I’ve also used beeswax to make natural candles.
  • I have crafted things like wooden decorations, and other wooden items decorated with pyrography. And taken on other artistic projects using natural or reclaimed materials.
  • And I have often used reclaimed fabrics etc. to make small gifts for people.

If you want a sustainable Christmas this year, these are just a few simple gifts that you could spend some time making and giving this year. But remember, though handmade gifts can be lovely, spending quality time together and making memories is far more important.

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