Sustainable Christmas Trees?

Decorated branches in a vase – one alternative to a small Christmas tree.

Following on from my previous article, it’s time to take a look at Christmas trees from a sustainability perspective. Should you get a Christmas tree and, if so, which is the most sustainable type? Should you get a real tree or an artificial one? The truth is, unfortunately, that both artificial and cut Christmas trees come at a cost to our environment.

In this article: Ethical and Sustainable Christmas Trees I talk in depth about the issues with the various different types of tree. I delve into the issues with artificial trees and explain why a natural cut tree is also often a less than ideal option.

I also suggest some other options – from real, living trees, to ‘trees’ made from cut branches, up cycled materials, or even food. There are many different quirky alternatives you can consider in order to enjoy a more sustainable holiday season this year.

In the article linked to above, I also spoke about the different ways to decorate a tree – so you’ll find plenty of other ideas for decorations to add to the ideas I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

If you want to grow your own Christmas tree – you’ll likely be waiting a while for a tree large enough to suit. But there is plenty that you can do right away to enjoy a more sustainable Christmas this year.

Need some pointers? Have a specific sustainability-related Christmas issue you need to solve? Please do get in touch.

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