Natural Christmas Decorations For a Zero Waste Home

It may still feel too early to be talking about this. But this year, many people are choosing to begin decorating their homes for Christmas earlier than usual. It has been a difficult year for many. And a number of households are trying to bring back some cheer with holiday decorations.

Whether you are thinking of putting up some decorations soon, or will be waiting until later, it is important to think about how you can enjoy more sustainable Christmas decoration options this year.

In our home, we bring the outdoors in over the midwinter period. I cut conifer and evergreen branches with bright red berries (pyracantha, cotoneaster etc..) and use them to decorate. You can make some ‘fake snow’ for your displays using baking soda.

Or you can use some sea salt crystals as a ‘frost’ to catch the light around beeswax candles.

We sometimes bring in a living tree, and decorate it with natural decorations.

And I have had some fun with pyrography to burn designs into wood slices.

We don’t have tinsel, or any plastic baubles. Instead, we rely on the beauty of nature. If you want to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly, low waste way of life then you should do the same.

These pictures are all from last year. I’m not quite ready to put up our decorations just yet. But I will likely think about decorating from early in December, to brighten up that dark and dreary time of the year.

Whatever you are planning for Christmas this year, I can help you make sure your choices are as sustainable as possible. If you would like a sustainable Christmas plan tailored to your needs and wishes, please do get in touch.

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