Sustainable Christmas Tree Options

If you are thinking about getting a Christmas tree this year, you might be wondering which option would be the most sustainable choice.

When it comes to Christmas trees, there are five main options:

  1. Choose a fake (synthetic) tree.
  2. Get a real, cut Christmas tree.
  3. Opt for a living Christmas tree in a pot.
  4. Make your own ‘tree’ out of sustainable or natural materials.
  5. Go without a tree and choose natural decorations of a different kind.

Though synthetic trees last a long time, they are definitely not the most sustainable choice. I am sure that most if not all of you will already be well aware of the problems that plastic presents.

Cut Christmas trees are not necessarily all that much better. They often come from mono-crop plantations, which are not ecologically friendly, even when cut trees are replaced.

Choosing a living tree could be a better choice. Living trees can sometimes be rented and returned. Often, you may be able to keep one alive by planting it out in your garden once Christmas is done. But check where it, and its seed, came from – as there may be some hidden ethical concerns.

One interesting option that you might like to consider is making your own ‘tree’ from branches from the garden, or even reclaimed materials. Using your imagination and being creative, you can make something a little like a tree, without having to buy anything at all.

Of course, you could also go a more traditional route and deck the halls with holly, ivy and other materials from your garden. A tree is certainly not the only way to bring cheer to your home this Christmas.

If you are interested in reading more about this topic, a longer article of mine from a couple of years ago can be found here.

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