A Sustainable Celebration of Spring

Happy Easter to those of you celebrating today. We have enjoyed a sustainable celebration today – a celebration of spring (even though tonight we are expecting a heavy frost and it feels a little as though winter is trying to return)! No matter your beliefs, spring can be a time of celebration. A time forContinue reading “A Sustainable Celebration of Spring”

Sustainability Tips for Spring

Of course, spring weather means sowing and planting – if you do not do so already, this is a good time to start growing your own. But beyond this, and other sustainable jobs you can do in your garden, what else should you think about doing to take steps forward in your journey to aContinue reading “Sustainability Tips for Spring”

Signs in Nature

Where we live, the spring sunshine has given way to a bit of a grey gloom for the past couple of days, and it looks like we still have a few more days of this grey and rainy weather to come. But in spite of the grey skies, spring is still all around – fromContinue reading “Signs in Nature”