A Sustainable Celebration of Spring

Happy Easter to those of you celebrating today. We have enjoyed a sustainable celebration today – a celebration of spring (even though tonight we are expecting a heavy frost and it feels a little as though winter is trying to return)! No matter your beliefs, spring can be a time of celebration. A time for fresh flowers on the table and a home-cooked meal.

On any holiday, throughout the year, it is important to remember the basics of sustainability. And to keep people and planet in mind however you choose to celebrate.

Today, I spent some time in the garden, then we sat down together for a meal and good conversation. I made a green lentil and vegetable lasagna, some garlic bread (with garlic stored overwinter) and a fresh green salad of lettuce, chickweed, chard, perpetual spinach, spring onions, etc..

Everything for the salad came from the garden, along with the garlic, and some other bits and pieces. Other ingredients came from our local farm shop, or from a plastic free online shop that delivers pulses and other staples.

You do not need to spend a fortune, or do anything fancy to create a celebratory feel. I just popped some flowers from the garden in a vase, did a bit of cooking, and was able to spend quality time with friends and family in our household.

I hope everyone else has had a sustainable spring celebration of their own. By appreciating the little joys in life, we can live in a kinder, simpler and more sustainable way.

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