Case Study: Small Yard Food Production

This plan aims to show how food can be grown in this small space for a family of three, with minimal effort for maximum yield. The plan includes a range of small space garden solutions, and incorporates plenty of perennial plants in addition to space for annual fruit and vegetable cultivation. Thought was given to accessibility due to mobility issues – and solutions described are all easily removed (as this is a rented property). Plants described for existing beds can easily be uprooted and taken to a new property, and new raised planters and all other installations can be removed at the end of the tenancy.

The existing space consists of an alley leading from the back door to a paved area of approximately 4.95 x 3.50m. To the south of this space is a high bed, with existing shade tolerant plants/ vines to the rear, mostly currently unused. An old iron shelter takes up space to the east of this bed. At right angles to this, along the west side of the space, there is another low bed. A bike rack and greenhouse structures are in place along the east of the site.

I have suggested incorporating a number of columnar fruit trees, cane fruits and fruit bushes in pots, as shown on the plans. I have also suggested making the most of the space with plastic bottle towers, a herb planter, a pallet vertical garden, four new raised bed planters (made from reclaimed wood) and many other plants in pots.

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