April Sowing, Growing and Harvesting

This is a busy time of the year in the garden. Though I have to be careful here about not planting anything out or sowing too early, before the last frosts, there is plenty going on. I have held off on some sowing and planting outdoors this week because some relatively late frosts are expected in the next few days. But I have sown more in the polytunnel. There is plenty growing in there, and we’re harvesting too – not huge amounts – but increasing variety as the weather warms.

This week I have been sowing:

  • Successional sowings of lettuce and other leafy greens.
  • More peas and pea shoots.
  • Potatoes (First earlies and main crop in various locations.)
  • Parsnips, early carrots and a few beetroot.

I have potted up some brassicas sown last month. And have cleared the decks for the next round of sowing indoors, which will be a number of things for summer, including beans, summer squash and courgettes.

Over the last week, I have harvested:

  • Perpetual spinach and chards.
  • Lettuces of various types.
  • Kale and other greens which overwintered in the polytunnel.
  • Chickweed, nettles and other edible weeds.
  • Spring onions/ bunching onions.
  • Purple sprouting broccoli.
  • And some herbs, such as rosemary and bay.

I hope that many of you are also enjoying spending some time out in your own gardens, sowing or preparing for the rest of the gardening year that lies ahead.

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