Signs in Nature

Where we live, the spring sunshine has given way to a bit of a grey gloom for the past couple of days, and it looks like we still have a few more days of this grey and rainy weather to come. But in spite of the grey skies, spring is still all around – from the just-opening daffodils to the trees in bud, there are plenty of reminders of the sunshine to come.

Often, we can be blind to the natural world around us. When we are busy and pre-occupied it is easy to miss the small signs that indicate changes in the seasons, and even small signs that can warn of weather changes ahead. It is important to take the time to really look at the world around us, and to note small differences and distinctions rather than just getting lost in the bigger picture.

It is important to make sure we see the wood as well as the trees. But it is also important to make sure we don’t overlook the individual tree, the individual branch, the individual bud in our contemplation of the bigger picture.

If we look at the small signs in nature, the glorious sudden leaf burst does not come as quite as much of a surprise. And we can take some pleasure in contemplating the little things that are often overlooked – the first bee of the season, an unexpected snowdrop nestled in the grass…

Looking for the little signs around us in nature can help us anticipate, plan and enjoy our gardens and the natural world around us in a new and deeper way. It can help us remove our plant-blinders and understand better the beauty and complexity of plant as well as animal life.

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