When Is the Right Time to Take Calculated Risks?

Should you take the leap into a more sustainable way of life?

At the moment, many people are re-evaluating their lives. Many people are becoming more aware of sustainability. And perhaps truly questioning their choices properly for the first time with people and planet care in mind. Even those who have long been aware of the need for greater eco-consciousness and a more sustainable way of life are rethinking things due to the pandemic, and the massive upheaval it has caused.

When I talk about risks in this context, I am definitely not talking about risking lives, and throwing caution to the wind in what can often be a selfish way. I am talking about more calculated risks – like choosing to purchase land… investing more heavily in your garden… or contemplating a new business or a career change. Many people seem to be asking right now – is it the right time to take a big leap towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle? Is now the right time to jump start that new project, or make that big change?

Of course, the answer to this question will be different for everyone. Now is a time of massive change and flux, and many people are, through choice or necessity, making big changes in the way they live their lives. But there are a number of things to consider when making life choices that involve calculated risk.

If you would like some help to determine which path is right for you when it comes to living in a more sustainable way – I can help. Whether we are looking at your home life or your business, I can work with you to work out which risks are worth taking, and when.

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