Sustainability Tips for Spring

Of course, spring weather means sowing and planting – if you do not do so already, this is a good time to start growing your own. But beyond this, and other sustainable jobs you can do in your garden, what else should you think about doing to take steps forward in your journey to a more sustainable way of life this spring?

Here are a few more things that you should consider doing this spring:

  • Make the commitment to eat less meat. As more local, fresh produce becomes available, this is easier to do. Though you don’t have to commit to a fully vegan diet – increase the amount of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs you eat – from local, sustainable producers if not from your own garden. Seek out organic, seasonal specialities where you live.
  • Start walking more. As warmer weather arrives, there are fewer excuses not to ditch the car and get some exercise. Walking (or other slow travel options like cycling) are easier once you get into a new routine. Start walking more now – even a little more often – and by the end of the summer it might be a far more habitual thing – more integral to your way of life.
  • Get to know your garden (or your neighbourhood) better as the seasons change. Look out for new leaves on the trees, and challenge yourself to recognise and name every one you pass by. See if you can learn the names of all the plants, wild as well as cultivated, that you see on a daily basis.
  • Do a digital detox – move away from screens and out into nature. This is one way to reduce your digital footprint, and can help you get some healthy fresh air, and some perspective. Perhaps make a commitment to have a certain amount of screen-free time each day. Having goals can give you direction and help you see your progress more clearly.
  • Take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. (I’ll talk more about how to spring clean sustainably next week.)

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