Sustainability Tips for Spring

Of course, spring weather means sowing and planting – if you do not do so already, this is a good time to start growing your own. But beyond this, and other sustainable jobs you can do in your garden, what else should you think about doing to take steps forward in your journey to aContinue reading “Sustainability Tips for Spring”

Travel the World Without Leaving Home

Whole worlds are accessible without even stepping out of your front door. While obviously our physical movement is curtailed right now, that does not mean we are limited in where we can travel in our minds, and in today’s hyperconnected world, there are new ways of finding inspiration right there our living rooms. Thinking aboutContinue reading “Travel the World Without Leaving Home”

10 Resolutions for a More Sustainable 2021

Happy New Year! This is a great time to retrench, and confirm your commitment to a more sustainable way of life. So to get things started on the right foot, here are ten sustainable new year’s resolutions you may wish to consider: Grow at least some of your own food at home. Make sure foodContinue reading “10 Resolutions for a More Sustainable 2021”

Five Areas To Focus On For Sustainability

As we approach the end of the year, I thought that I would write a little list for those who want to live in a greener, more ethical and more sustainable way in 2021. Of course, there are plenty of small steps that we can all take to care for people and planet. But ifContinue reading “Five Areas To Focus On For Sustainability”

Green Getaway Ideas as Lockdown is Lifted

As lockdowns around Europe are lifted, many people’s minds are turning to travel once more. But those of us who are passionate about sustainability will not rush to book flights or jet off to holiday hot-spots. Aviation is unfortunately not an area where sustainability is top of the agenda. And as most of us areContinue reading “Green Getaway Ideas as Lockdown is Lifted”