10 Resolutions for a More Sustainable 2021

Happy New Year! This is a great time to retrench, and confirm your commitment to a more sustainable way of life. So to get things started on the right foot, here are ten sustainable new year’s resolutions you may wish to consider:

  1. Grow at least some of your own food at home.
  2. Make sure food you do buy is sustainable, seasonal, local, and ideally organic. If you are a meat eater, consider eating it less often.
  3. Plant at least one tree, in your own garden or though a reforestation of afforestation project.
  4. Buy less and buy better – think about reuse and DIY options before buying new. And when you do buy, be aware of the true cost of each decision you make.
  5. Be aware of waste and move as close to zero waste as possible. Think not just about things like plastic waste but energy, water and other resources too.
  6. Make a commitment to conservation and land preservation. Donate time or money to worthwhile projects.
  7. Reach out to friends, neighbours or others to build a strong and resilient community wherever you live.
  8. Travel less, and over shorter distances. Choose slow travel solutions whenever you can.
  9. Learn new skills for a more sustainable way of life. Cooking from scratch, upcycling, sewing, woodworking etc…
  10. Use your voice and spread the word about sustainability.

As a sustainability consultant, I can help you to formulate a plan for you and your family. If you would like any help or advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I can answer specific questions you may have. I can design your permaculture garden. Or help you formulate a green living plan for the coming year based on your specific circumstances.

I hope to continue with you on this journey as we all continue to strive for a better world.

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