How To Plan Properly For Sustainable Living

New Year’s resolutions are a good place to start when trying to create a green living plan. It’s good to have goals, as they will set the direction in which you wish to go. But goals are not the be all and end all. I’m sure many of you have started a year with very good intentions but deviated from your intention before January is even through. We’ve all been there.

As well as setting goals, there are a number of other components involved in planning for a more sustainable year. In order to make sure that you can keep things up longer term, you need to realistic. It’s good to dream. But planning for sustainable living means analysing carefully where you are as well as thinking about where you want to be.

Take One Step at a Time

It can be helpful to look at different areas of your life, then think about which areas to prioritise when making changes. It can be tempting to try to put everything right at once. But slow and small solutions work best. So decide on a few simple steps to focus on. Don’t beat yourself up if not everything is perfect right away.

Analyse Progress To Plan for Future Steps

Don’t just look at areas that need some improvement. Look at things that are going well too. Sustainable living can progress faster in some areas than others. Being fully aware of the progress you have made can help you see how to progress in other areas.

Look at Resources Available to Help

Look, also, at the resources you have at your disposal. Consider all the natural and reclaimed materials that are around you. You do not need to spend a fortune or re-equip to live in a greener way. Often, you can simply analyse more carefully the resources already around you.

Resources available to you also include people around you. Don’t be tempted to try to go it alone. Find others to discuss ideas, to lend a helping hand, or just to talk to about challenges you face.

I can help you to develop a green living plan based on the timeline, existing situation and resources we discuss together. If you need some help to turn goals and resolutions into real and lasting action, please do get in touch.

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