What Needs To Change in 2021

As we reach the end of this difficult year, we need to look back and look forward. We need to think about what needs to change. By looking back over what has gone wrong, and what we could all do better, we can begin to not just rebuild, but to forge the future we want to see.

We need to reassign value to the things that really matter. And strive towards sustainability in all we do.

We need to begin to see things clearly – from others who think differently to ourselves, to the green and living world all around us.

We need to recognise the power we wield as individuals. And to wield that power wisely. We must see that the capacity for positive change is in our hands.

We all have to buy less, and buy better. We need to withdraw our support for systems that perpetuate the damaging status quo.

Hope is a mighty tool. We must recognise and value it wherever it can be found. It is important not to give in to despondency, and to recognise all the good in this world.

Above all else, we need to care for our planet, and for each other. If we keep those things at the forefront of our minds, we can all expect a new year better than the one before.

I wish everyone all the best for 2021!

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