Travel the World Without Leaving Home

Whole worlds are accessible without even stepping out of your front door. While obviously our physical movement is curtailed right now, that does not mean we are limited in where we can travel in our minds, and in today’s hyperconnected world, there are new ways of finding inspiration right there our living rooms. Thinking aboutContinue reading “Travel the World Without Leaving Home”

Sustainable Food Hubs – Why We Need Them and The Role You Could Play

Our current food system needs to be overhauled. Farmers and food producers will not need to be told that their efforts are often currently hugely undervalued. Environmentalists will no doubt be well aware of the problems inherent in current agricultural and food systems. Those living in food deserts will already know well the injustice inherentContinue reading “Sustainable Food Hubs – Why We Need Them and The Role You Could Play”

Connect and Thrive

Everything in nature is connected. While we, as humans, often have a tendency to compartmentalise, permaculture involves seeing everything holistically. We must understand the connections between elements in every system, and use and value diversity. We must recognise natural interactions and use them to our advantage. When we connect – both to other people andContinue reading “Connect and Thrive”