Connect and Thrive

Just as fungal connections lie unseen below the soil, so too our own connections sometimes lie hidden – but they are there nonetheless.

Everything in nature is connected. While we, as humans, often have a tendency to compartmentalise, permaculture involves seeing everything holistically. We must understand the connections between elements in every system, and use and value diversity. We must recognise natural interactions and use them to our advantage. When we connect – both to other people and our environments – we can thrive.

Connect With Other People

We live in polarising times. Obviously, in the US, the approaching election causes high emotions, wherever on the political spectrum you may lie. Race, class, religion… there are many things that can make us feel divided… even without lockdown rules that may make us feel more divided from other people than ever.

But my keeping the dialogue going, being respectful, and recognising the things that we share in common rather than our differences, we can build the resilient societal systems we need to thrive.

Online or in person where possible, we can value everything that other people have to offer – both to us personally and to the world as a whole. Just as, in a natural system, stability and resilience is achieved through increasing the number of beneficial interactions between elements, so too we can build more resilience societal systems by forging new and stronger links between us.

Connect With The Natural World Around Us

A strong and resilient, sustainable society must also be truly connected and entwined with the natural world. Autumn is a season of transformation, and we can use and value that change. We must look at how natural cycles turn, and how the natural world shifts and alters over time, and adopt our own ideas and practices to those changes.

By truly examining the effects of our actions, we can shape our own behaviour to forge stronger and better connections with the natural world.

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