The Amazing World of Earth Worms

Often, we forget just what a teeming world exists below the soil in our gardens. No matter what sort of gardens we have, we are aided in our efforts by a wide range of creatures. Earth worms are one of our most valuable garden helpers. But they are a humble creature that we often overlook.

If you are a gardener, you will almost certainly have encountered earth worms as you have managed your growing areas. But how much do you really know about these amazing creatures?

Worms help us in our gardens in a wide range of ways. They:

  • Break up, loosen and aerate compacted soil as they tunnel through it.
  • Improve water filtration into the soil layers.
  • Help to break down organic matter on the soil surface and in the soil.
  • Distribute organic matter through the garden.
  • Fertilise and improve the structure of the topsoil.

Earthworms are, of course, also an important part of the food chain. They are a source of food for a range of other beneficial wildlife – from ground beetles, centipedes and flatworms, to birds, amphibians and mammals.

The more earthworms there are in your garden, the healthier the overall ecosystem can be. You should be encouraging natural earthworms as much as possible. And may also like to consider utilising certain worms for compost creation and setting up a vermicomposting system.

Here is a recent article I wrote about earthworms that you might like to check out if you would like to know more:

Everything You Need To Know About Worms

I can provide plenty of advice on improving conditions for earthworms in your garden. So, after reading the above, if you still want some more help and advice to improve your garden for the sake of these amazing creatures, please do get in touch.

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