Vote With Permaculture Ethics in Mind

Obviously I am not in the US. I am Scottish and live in Scotland. But today, as US citizens who have not already cast their votes head to the polls. I am minded to make mention of something that is very important to me personally, and to us all.

Often, we get mired down in small political differences, and we can lose sight of the big picture. Regardless of our political differences, we have to remember that when it comes to our planet, humanity and its future, we are all in the same boat.

When it comes right down to it, voting is one of the chances we all have to make our voices heard. I believe it is a right, a privilege, but also a duty. If we do not step up, we cannot be part of a positive future for people and our planet.

Deciding how to vote may sometimes be easy. Sometimes we may find it much more of a challenge to make up our minds. Personally, I find it can be helpful to have an inner compass – an ethical narrative that we can use to tell our own story, and come to our own decisions about right and wrong.

Permaculture ethics are very important to me. They are central to my way of thinking and way of life. And they could not be simpler:

Care for this planet we call home – all its ecosystems and all living things.

Care for humanity, acting with kindness and thinking of those around us, and those around the globe.

Take only our fair share, returning surplus to the system. Think about how our consumption and use of resources affects the availability of those resources for others, now, and in the years to come.

Each choice we make has a big impact. Vote according to permaculture ethics and you can make your voice heard, and make sure we have a future we can look forward to. Smaller political differences can matter – but they are not the be all and end all. The big picture – the fight against injustice and our climate crisis – is what really matters.

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