Back To Work

Tomorrow morning I will be getting back to work after my break for the festive season. My husband and I have been working on our barn conversion for the last week, and our slow project is coming along well. But I am now ready and excited to get back to work on a number ofContinue reading “Back To Work”

Cultivate Kindness – Choose ‘Pleasant’ This Christmas

These are stressful times. This means that it has never been more important to cultivate kindness in all that you do. We often talk about care for other people when talking about sustainability. But all too often, people forget that small, simple acts of kindness on a daily basis are just as important as caringContinue reading “Cultivate Kindness – Choose ‘Pleasant’ This Christmas”

Vote With Permaculture Ethics in Mind

Obviously I am not in the US. I am Scottish and live in Scotland. But today, as US citizens who have not already cast their votes head to the polls. I am minded to make mention of something that is very important to me personally, and to us all. Often, we get mired down inContinue reading “Vote With Permaculture Ethics in Mind”